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As parts of the National University of Singapore, NUS School of Computing and  NUS Business School share the University’s global reputation for academic excellence in education, research and service. Being a comprehensive university, NUS houses other disciplines such as medicine, architecture, engineering, law, social sciences, and more. The Schools are in a unique position to leverage on the breadth and depth of the University, including accessing a vast and highly diverse student body of over 33,000 on campus, and a global network of over 177,000 alumni.

MSBA graduates will be the alumni of NUS, School of Computing, Business School, and the Programme.

NUS School of Computing

NUS School of Computing has turned 10 since the inception of the faculty in 2008, and its history as a university department stretches more than two decades further back. Over the years, it has developed countless of computing-trained professionals, and its alumni may be found in various sectors, holding positions as varied as chief executives, chief technologists, entrepreneurs, educationists and researchers, with all being achievers in their own rights. For more information on the world class alumni that have passed through the school’s doors, visit School of Computing prominent alumni page.

NUS Business School

The NUS Business School Global Alumni Network Office (or GANO) is the School's own dedicated office with the mission of engaging and cultivating relations with more than 50,000 alumni who have graduated from the degrees and selected executive programs offered by the School.

Established in April 2007, GANO has chapters in various cities and countries.  It organizes regular activities to engage the student body and the alumni community. These activities range from formal events like industry cum career talks and lifelong learning seminars, to informal ones like networking sessions, golf and other sporting events. Visit the NUS Biz Alum web site to learn more on becoming a member of this vast global community.

MSBA Programme

It is the intention of the two Schools to build a distinguished, integrative and responsive MSBA alumni community, right from the submission of the very first application to the Programme.

We aspire to inculcate in every MSBA alumnus an innovatively curiosity, ingenious and enterprising spirit. We are committed to support this whole journey through NUS alumni networks and NUS analytics activities. All participants of MSBA are invited to be engaged as lifelong members of, and their own respective intake cohorts, starting with

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