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Today, one of the business world's greatest challenges is the Big Data phenomena – large pools of data that can be captured, communicated, aggregated, stored, and analysed. This has presented companies and government agencies with an unrelenting amount of information about their customers, suppliers and operations. To better utilize this information, companies and government agencies need to build upon their analytics capabilities.

With this in mind, National University of Singapore (NUS) has established a Business Analytics Centre (BAC) to support the development of Business Analytics (BA) professionals and experts. BAC is jointly hosted by a unique partnership between two globally ranked schools – the NUS Business School and the NUS School of Computing – and the global IT giant IBM; it offers a degree programme in Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) to address the acute global talent shortage of trained Business Analytics experts.

By aligning the science and technology of data analytics with cross-functional business understanding, the MSBA programme ensures graduates are trained to deliver actionable intelligence through robust analytics practices exercised during the programme's course modules and consulting projects, thereby making them highly marketable post-graduation.

Through the establishment of NUS Business Analytics Centre to house the operation of MSBA programme, both NUS and IBM are committed to working together to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide world-class specialist training in Business Analytics to fulfill the strong demand in high quality analytics in local and global markets.
  • Initiate successful collaboration with industry partners to advance applied research in Business Analytics. This partnership gives students not only the knowledge needed to solve today's Business Analytics problems but also the skill sets to address the future ones in various industry domains.
  • Expand the scope of Business Analytics education to involve different industry experts within the various NUS faculties and schools.
  • Build an integrative alumni community of MSBA graduates who will continue to engage with and enrich the Business Analytics ecosystem in NUS. This vibrant network will afford MSBA alumni mutual support throughout their professional careers.

In short, the MSBA programme aims to equip participants with the necessary knowledge, tools and networks to create successful careers in this exciting new field.

NUS Business Analytics Centre
I3 building
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